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2" x 12" Tmat Strips (2 Pack)

2" x 12" Tmat Strips (2 Pack)

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2 pack of 2" x 12" strips to add onto the front, back, or sides of your Tmat kit.  These extra strips make it easier to custom fit your vehicles length and width.

TIPS to improve your Tmat Kit:  Mount to plywood with screws to make your Tmat stronger and more durable for heavier loads.

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Cargo blockers simply plug in to create partitions as unique as your cargo. Adjustable cargo blockers can squeeze in for an exact fit. Tmat helps prevent cargo rolling or moving during transportation.

(Large and heavy items still need additional tie downs)


Install Tmat without the center tiles for gnooseneck hitch access. Rarely use your turnover ball? You can also install your full Tmat and simply slide it out when it's time to hook-up.


Install in your trailer, van, utv bed, tac room - anywhere you work.

  • Step 1.

    Estimate how many panels you'll need by taking measurements of your cargo area. Each panel measures roughly 12" sq. by 3/4" in height. Stack all panels keeping the male dovetails facing the same direction.

  • Step 2.

    Start assembling the panels outside of your vehicle or on your tailgate row by row working left to right keeping the male dovetails facing to the bottom and the left.

  • Step 3

    Working back to front, assemble the full row panels by snapping the entire rows together. Make sure all the panels are completely secure with one another.

  • Step 4.

    Insert the blockers wherever you need by lining up the blocker pegs with the panels and inserting with an even pressure.

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